Tea Party platform

Tea party platform mistakes that will lose the election There are three issues that will derail the Tea Party movement in the 2012 Presidential and congressional elections. I hope some leader of the Tea Party reads this or at least understand the challenge. The three C’s that could hurt the Tea Party are: Complexity of […]

Tea Party movement

US Tea Party movement – beliefs and ideals The purpose of the post is to clarify the ideas and values of the tea party movement in America today.  What is the tea party about? I recommend you do not read random websites, or media converge as most of these are fairly bias. They are cluttered […]

US military spending

Is US military spending too high? The purpose of this post is to ask if the United States spends too much money on the Army, Navy, Air force etc. The post will look at it from an economic and national defense perspective. Who is the US fighting For the United States what is the optimal […]

How to fix America

Do you want to fix the United States, than first understand the real issue. That is government is so large it has become like trying to steer an ocean liner in a lake. The counties around Washington D.C are the richest in the US and yet they do not produce anything except legions of government […]