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  • When to sell stocks

    When to sell a stock The purpose of this post is to give you a simple exit strategy to maximize trading profit when selling shares of stocks. I personally have ridden stocks down. They are long painful rides. Some stocks go down a little each day, others collapse and never come back. You can wait […]

  • How to invest in stocks

    How to invest 10,000 dollars If I had $10,000 of cash sitting on the sidelines and I could afford some risk, I would invest in the stock market. As much as trading shares have been dragged through the mud lately, it is still a great way to make money. It is not as good as […]

  • Why stock trading systems fail

    Why trading systems stop working and how to invest to win A few of my friends were day traders in the heady days before 2007. They would be at home trading stocks all day in their schedule C defined the home office. This was often to their wife’s irritation. Or these day traders would at […]

  • Why stock trading?

    Why do I invest my time trading stocks? I play the stock market because it is fun. This post is the only motivation you will ever need to start trading stocks. Why? because it is a real story of why I do not need to work. I have always loved the concept of money and […]

  • Wall Street 2 – money never sleeps speech – script

    Wall Street  – the money never sleeps speech I saw Wall Street 2 this weekend. Although the reviews were mediocre I liked it. One of the best scenes was when Gordon Gecko was giving a lecture to some students about greed. What he did in about three minutes was, this ex-Wall Street insider, described the […]

  • Stock chart – not to trade

    One Stock Chart pattern to avoid The purpose of this post is to tell you about one technical trading pattern I avoid putting my hard-earned capital towards. What do you like to do in your free time? One of my free time activities is to look at stock chart patterns.  I call this hobby ‘graphs […]

  • How to make money in a flat stock market

    Make money in a flat market One of the most frustrating things is a flat stock market. It is like being in a relationship with someone who you can not make up their mind. They give you mixed signals, hope, then ignore you. This is what it feels to be an investor out there swinging […]

  • Quantitative investing – an investment management strategy

    How and why quantitative investing can help the individual investor Do you want to make money from the stock market? I do. How do I do this? I am a big fan of narrowing the universe of stocks to choose from before you start to make your own investment decisions. My rationale is there are […]

  • Why people lose money in stock market

    People lose money in the stock market for two reason The reason why people lose money in the stock market is twofold. Either they are unlucky, as the stock market is still a combination of skill and luck, or they do not have a disciplined approach to investing. It is that simple. You can make […]

  • Why investing in the stock market is fun

    I have invested since I was a teen and made a lot of money. However, the return on investment is only one reason I bought and sold stocks. I think I have done this mostly because it is good to clean fun. Yes investing in the stock market is fun. Reasons the stock market is […]