When to sell stocks

When to sell a stock The purpose of this post is to give you a simple exit strategy to maximize trading profit when selling shares of stocks. I personally have ridden stocks down. They are long painful rides. Some stocks go down a little each day, others collapse and never come back. You can wait… Continue reading When to sell stocks

How to invest in stocks

How to invest 10,000 dollars If I had $10,000 of cash sitting on the sidelines and I could afford some risk, I would invest in the stock market. As much as trading shares have been dragged through the mud lately, it is still a great way to make money. It is not as good as… Continue reading How to invest in stocks

Why stock trading?

Why do I invest my time trading stocks? I play the stock market because it is fun. This post is the only motivation you will ever need to start trading stocks. Why? because it is a real story of why I do not need to work. I have always loved the concept of money and… Continue reading Why stock trading?