Best moving average

Since Stan Weinstein’s book Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets, moving averages have become more popular.  There are also more choices as technical traders are looking for the best rolling average for determining the market direction. The question is what moving average is the best to use? The question needs to be answered… Continue reading Best moving average

Best stock picker

There are many free resources and stock screeners for stocks. However, there is one key resource a supercomputer that can pick stocks better than anyone out there. Hot fund of the month When I worked at as a stockbroker there were always mutual fund representatives coming through pitching the top fund (equity or bond) of… Continue reading Best stock picker

Contrarian investing

This post is about contrarian investing both past and present and how to successfully apply it to whatever market you invest your capital. To understand contrarian investing you need to understand the origins of the philosophical idea. Understanding original thought is always the most useful information.  Therefore, his post is to: describe the origins of… Continue reading Contrarian investing

Stock market predictor

The purpose of this post if to tell you exactly how to use a stock market predictor to make money in stocks. There are many ways to approach Wall street and every expert will have their own opinion. Therefore, what makes my idea better than any expert in the investment field? The answer is this,… Continue reading Stock market predictor