Will America collapse?

This article addresses the ideas will America collapse, but also why people dream of the idea of the fall of the establishment and the rise of post-apocalyptic reality.

Define collapse of the United States

To answer the question will America collapse or fall, you have to define what this means.

To me collapse means a rapid decline on par with the dissolution or near end of the US political process as we know it today, replaced with a fragmented process disconnected from the American tradition. This could be accompanied by chaos, panic, economic hardship and human suffering from the vacuum created.

For that scenario to play out, there would have to be a catastrophic exogenous event that is unforeseen. It would have to be a cosmic meteor or rapid change in the climate or a spread of infectious disease.

Note a business cycle, no matter how severe would not bring the US to collapse. The US economy is too diverse and always reinventing itself. It will operate at a decentralized local economy if needed.

Note America is not Ancient Rome. Historians would like to tell you so because it gives them academic notoriety, yet, Rome was a dictatorship which collapsed because the concentration of power created internal weakness and allowed foreign invaders. The American system is a democracy with many levels of decentralization, state, county, town level. Each level could function if the main power structure were to be eliminated.

future images of post apocalyptic of the USA
No one can imagine what the fall of America would look like because it will depend on the cause: war, natural disasters or economics for example.

10 Potential reason for the collapse of America listed

  1. Economics– Debt or extreme cycle. National debt – This is real and is the greatest threat to the United States, but in the end, it is a paper financial threat of collapse. The buildings will not disappear nor will the people. This will address in another article. Others believe capitalism is evil and Americans will be punished for their greed. This ridiculous, capitalism is good for the poor and made all Americans rich, if you think I am wrong, check out the post-Soviet lifestyle
  2. Terrorists – Current capability of extremist groups could not execute destruction at that level. Terrorists are like the Anarchists of the 20th century. They cause limited actual destruction but use fear as their main weapon. Fear is dark side energy, which can not be sustained. Unless the majority of the world, and I mean close to 100% converted to their side there is no way they could pull off the destruction of America. For example, look at the Soviet Union or the Third Reich. With all the technology and people behind them, they could not bring the destruction of democracy and freedom. Terrorists are no different, just another extreme ideology with less backing, and technology than the forces of evil of the past. Even if the weapons are more powerful, they are countered by the defense which is exponentially more powerful. If you have ever played the game Civilization, this difference in technology makes all the difference in who is dominate. What will happen is terrorism will decrease in the far future as humankind continues to evolve. The females of the human race as they gain more power will soften the extremist. The human genes of extremism will not permit long run chaos as the Homo Sapiens genes want to survive. If think about this, you will understand.
  3. Famine – Food is always an allocation problem, not a production problem. Unless there was a massive blight of some sort affecting multiple species of plants there will always be enough food. Plants have natural defense mechanisms and as do humans. What is actually happening is the food supply is getting weaker and sterile from a health perspective. Look at your grocery store, people are obese and falling apart. I know this sounds harsh but it is true. It is caused by eating non-organic foods devoid of micronutrients. Micronutrients and enzymes are the sparks of life. People are declining in health, but famine is not in the future.
  4. Immigrants – This will cause overcrowding of the US, but not its destruction. More people will live in cookie-cutter homes on smaller plots of land. This will be the new normal and replace storybook America. Further general wages will decrease as the supply of labor increases. Compare counties like Switzerland and Norway with counties that are overpopulation competing for limited resources. Immigrants are not bad, just illegal immigration that does not keep the flow in balance. Will change the landscape of America but not destroy it and America will not collapse because of it, even if the population doubled as long as the people are productive and adding value there will be no Malthusian doomsday.
  5. Civil war – succession. There is a real potential through a peaceful political process sometime in the distant future, Vermont or California could separate from the union. It is just a hypothetical that will not cause suffering but more an intellectually curious topic. In essence, even if the US dissolved from the Federal system it would be closer to a loose confederation of states that the founding fathers initially envisioned.
  6. Disease – This is the disconcerting threat. Unlikely despite the Hollywood hype, as humans have been on the earth for 100,000 years and if anything we are strong and more advanced. However, the human gene pool is so diverse that not everyone would be susceptible. Even the most catastrophic disease or plague, some people would be immune. Some people are immune to the Plague and HIV. There would be a depopulation but no reason to believe this would cause a collapse.
  7. Climate change – This is unpredictable but based on the current data will not be in play for at least 100 years. Technology will change exponentially and mitigate this. Even dumping massive amounts of metal in the ocean will generate more O2 for example. Balloons can be released to repair Ozone. Microbes now can eat plastic. Climate change is real, however, I think Malthusian predictions are countered by technology.
  8. Meteor – At this juncture, we have too much warning and anti meteor strategies in place such as missiles and rockets that would not make this a plausible scenario.
  9. Invasion – Not a chance. The British could not make headways at the start of our nation and no foreign power could ever pull off an invasion of America. Not a chance. Besides the military people, Americans are too patriotic in this country and every person would defend the US.
  10. Absorption – Joining the EU/UN or some other world order would not happen because there are too many patriots in America. Think of the Brit-exit, the tend is against a one-world order. There is no need for it as decentralization celebrates diversity.

America is too prepared, resilient and organized for the fall of America.  I am confident the US military and homeland security as the citizens can handle any threats so we can continue to live out our dreams in peace.

Why people have negative fantasies of destruction

People often have negative fantasizes connected to the destruction of the United States because they feel somehow we are an unjust imperial power that oppresses people and the world would somehow be better off with an alternative.

People who indulge in thinking about this scenario are usually negative people on the metaphorical dark side filled with hate or resentment. They might ideologically be extremely liberal or on the other side of the spectrum foreigners who see the world differently.

My answer to that is: Why are you festering in negative feelings? Do you feel that bad about yourself? Really, let us be honest, to hate a whole culture, a good culture of religious, hardworking free people means you have some problems with your own self worth and so try to boaster by affiliating yourself with some ideology.  It is a classic case of weakness. If you do not like an aspect of US politics, for example, try to improve your own life and those around you.

What is the alternative to Americanism?

The US is a free democratic process which has been the evolution of a political and economic system that goes back to the Ancient Greeks. Humankind has tested and rechecked different political systems and at this juncture, a republic/democracy with a generally free economy with a Constitution that lays out the ideals and principles is superior to any alternative system.

I am a religious person but theocracies do not make sense as religion is connected to the ultimate reality not some temporal governing of justice. People will split hairs over theological differences and one group is repressed.

Kingdoms do not work either, because history has proven there is an abuse of power when concentrated.

Communism and socialism literally collapse under the weight of government. So when people subconsciously wish for the destruction of the US, what do they want, Warlord ruling?

Wishing for the destruction of America is different than indulging in visions of a future where people struggle for survival

I believe many people like to dream about a post apoplectic world not because they are bad people, but they are bored with their lives and desire to feel more intensely the sensations of life, including self-preservation which is programmed in us.

Shows like:

  • The Hunger games
  • People of Sparks
  • Terra Nova
  • 100
  • Any garden variety Zombie show

They capture the essence of that people feel. This is largely brought about excess consumerism. They feel ennui with their day to day cubical lives and would like to live like a hero struggling for surviving not as a Lego person. The good news is there need not be destroyed for you to live like that. You can be a homesteader or a prepper.

Alternative fantasies from good people

Hipster homesteading – People engage more rustic fantasies and live that life now without waiting for the fall of America or whatever culture they live in.  People simply have a primordial longing to struggle to survive, that is not being expressed. Therefore this takes the form of homesteading. This has nothing to do with survivalists as portrayed but a fun peaceful way to live your fantasy of being with your family rather than in some corporate slave. You can read more about that here: Corporate slaves of America.

Preppers – Other people who are using common sense to prepare, maybe not for a doomsday scenario, but a hypothetical time when survivalist is needed also are having fun doing so.  Let us be honest as much as I am not a conspiracy theories and as much as I am a skeptic, no one can predict the future. Nobody. The future is never how we ever imagine. Not in our wildest dreams could I imagine life as it exists today, my life and the world’s scenario. People could not see the Great Depression, the 2008 crisis, people would not even predict the election of Donald Trump. The future is always not as we imagine. So being prepared is a good idea, and it is mostly more for fun.

The Bible and prophecy about America – Other people equate the fall of the USA with biblical apocalypse predicted. Wrong, the Bible is about personal transformation, rather than a document of ominous fateful predictions. The Book of Revelations, for example, was talking about the stamp tax in Rome in metaphorical language, but our time in America.

prophetic women in a post-apocalyptic world
Apocalyptic fantasies have a strong sublime element of being the primordial sensual romantic humans we evolved from, an escape from this sterile matrix we live in now.

Why do so many people really dream of these things? Hint it comes from our DNA

Waiting for the fall of America or some catastrophic event largely comes from an unconscious desire that is imprinted in our DNA to survived in the wild. It actually is a positive thing, because a lot of good comes from it. People are growing their own food and becoming less dependent on the grid. It also has an underlying sexual theme. People subconsciously want to win over their love in a rustic setting where we evolved from. What is more sensual, some 9 to 6 cubical job or living with the love of your life in a homestead, trying to hack out of the wilderness a life?

I am no Freudian, but do not underestimate the power of reproductive urges shaping our visions of the future.

But the real fall of America will not happen our lifetime, I promise.

homesteading preppers
I want to live there. If you do not dream of trading your cookie-cutter home and cubical job for a chance to live by your own intelligence in a rustic setting, then I recommend you reexamine your dreams.

The mainstream might see preppers as paranoid, but that is not true. Prepping is fun and practical but not delusional. They are not wanting an apocalypse, but rather taking that extra step of caution to be no depended on others. Even a tsunami or Hurricane can cause destruction that does not destroy the county but devastates a region. On a spectrum, they are like homesteading plus.

History has advisedly and subsequent vindicated people like this many times.

In conclusion

America will not collapse and America is not doomed. Pessimism and talk of crisis are always the biggest news getter than stability. This is why you hear about the end of America. Here is a fact, you can not argue, I live in Eastern Europe and you have no idea how rich America is in terms of land and resources and people. In fact, you could say Americans are spoiled for not seeing this. Short of some natural cosmic disaster, there is no way America will collapse.
Perceived threats against America.

Stop watching the news. You will waste the magical time you have on this planet by feeding off the negative energy of others.

Update: What am I doing during this CoronaVirus?

I am working on my Ph.D. and working in my garden. Since I had money in cash rather than the stock market (I felt the market was overvalued) I will be better positioned than most. What can you do? The same. Find some home industry that will position yourself for the next part of your life. I would say a garden is a good start. Even if you live in the city, you can transform your apartment into an indoor growing paradise.

What do you think is the greatest threat to America and do you think there is any chance it would collapse in the coming years? Is the US over? I think not by a long shot. However, what do you do now to break free of the sterile reality of your life?

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25 responses to “Will America collapse?”

  1. Aaron

    Doubt that America will collapse for a long time if we ever collapse at all. Fact of the matter is that we are almost out of the recession and when we get out of the recession it will be dangerous because we will probably see a China like boom. Can’t wait for that day to come so we can finally show the world what a stable economy looks like again.

    1. Mark Biernat

      The recovery or even market turning points come when people have given up hope. I do not know if we will have a boom, but America will not collapse. There is too much wealth in the USA. Some black hole is not going to swallow up all the houses and cars and businesses. It is a financial crisis which means a redistribution of wealth, but it will not bring the end of the USA.

    2. Marc Jordan

      Thanks for that remark Aaron, you and I are the true patriots here. All of this talk of America going to the dumps is unpatriotic to me. America has seen a lot darker days than this and things will improve.

      Like I’ve said many times here before, if this blog was around in 1979 what do you think that comments would have said?

  2. hussam

    Haha I laugh at those who think America will never collapse. Look at the history of every group that claimed to be the superpower of the world and look at what happened to them, they collapsed and another group took over.

    America is not going to rule the world forever, sooner or later they will crumble.

    1. Mark Biernat

      What are we living in the time of the Roman Empire? America might not exist in 500 years. but not from collapse. Excluding natural disasters, what might happen is it will change radically, maybe be part of a North American super state or relative position of wealth decline so much. There is no way to predict the future, but I can not see the United States of America collapsing and disappearing anytime soon. How would that happen?

    2. Rebecca Morgan

      I think you are forgetting one thing. America is not like other countries and past super-powers. It has a unique foundation. It was founded upon an idea, straight from the mind of God. That is why it is different. America is a dream come true for God, as it was His idea. It’s not going to fall. That’s why America is such a good friend of Israel’s. They have a lot in common.

      1. Mark Biernat

        You know I love America but give to Caesar what is Caesar and to God to God. Jesus was talking about the things of this world vs. the things that God cares about. God does not care about football, American politics or God bless out troops. The Divine master of all the universe cares about your personal soul and salvation which is about what is in your heart.

        Every country in the world like this. Sure Poland thinks it is different and the people are very religious, it is the country of the Blessed Mother. japan feels it is from the Divine and Israel feels they are chosen. We are all the chosen people, because Christ (or at least St. Paul’s interpretation) freed us and there is no Gentile or Jew but we are all one in Christ.

        I mean the USA had slaves and did horrible things in many ways with imperial wars and injustice. Generally the USA is good, but not certainly divine. Maybe Vatican city is a little closer but even to suggests this most of the clergy there would just smile and think you are joking.

        The United States will not always be around. I am sure of it. For now it will be but not forever. God cares about the forever stuff.

    3. Marc Jordan

      Hussam, if you are referring to the Roman Empire, that was a long time ago in a distant galaxy.

  3. tudval

    1. Tens of trillions of dollars in out-of-control derivatives.
    2. Ongoing wars and increasing cost of homeland security program.
    3. Collapsing dollar due to chronic trade deficits. This will not wipe out America, it will just bring it to the same level as China.
    4. Etc.

    1. Mark Biernat

      The USA is an Empire which is over extended. I have returned to the USA after ten years of living abroad and all I see is people getting whatever jobs and not moving ahead. We fight undeclared wars and spend trillions on defending other people, but do not taking care of our own. If we spend all we did on foreigner wars on education we would have solved so many of our problems regarding energy and science for example.
      That being said, there is nothing to make it fall and be divided. What will happen is in the next fifty years we will have a slow growth track of debt and spending until inflation kicks in.

  4. Mark Biernat

    There is no way America will collapse. How could it? The current economic crisis is only a relative crisis. A lot of ‘poor’ have smart phones and TVs. I lived in Poland a good part of my life, trust me this is a relative crisis. Further it was caused mostly by the over expasion of credit that gave people the illusion they were winners. They were not.

    The bottom line a lot of people like to write things negative about collapse and decline of the USA. It makes good water cooler conversation. It makes good shock news, but I challenge any one or their arguements to tell my why with good arguments. I can rebut each point.
    I have a Master in economics from a top school and a smart guy. There is no economic collapse comming in the USA. A recession maybe, but what, are we going back 100 or 200 years in economics, I do not think so. The resource rich USA would reinvent itself economically like it always has. Worst case people would have to be more frugal, but frugal can be fun. I grew up reading books and listening to the radio, no computers or cell phones etc. I felt and feel I am having a magical life with little.

    Trust me the USA will not fall apart in the next 50 years.

    1. Marc Jordan

      Excellent response Mark. And to Jacob, the only people that write of the demise of this country are the ones that have no ambition and see only doom and gloom. They have no more insight than anybody else and are just venting, probably because their current situation is not great and they need to project their anger on something, be it foreigner’s or the current president. The debt is a major problem, but during WWII the debt to GDP ratio in the U.S. was a smidgeon under 150% and we are at about 110%, so there was a time when it was a lot worse and we got through it.

      My advice to you, stay in school and don’t do drugs. And always use sunscreen.

  5. Gene Obenshain

    Do not let this frighten you, you are young and have your whole life ahead of you, you will be able to adapt to any changes that may take place, and look to the future as a challenge, Most adults are afraid because they may lose what finances they have acquired during their life and may not have time to make it up. You will be OK. Try not to worry about the future just take one day at a time.

  6. James

    America is in severe trouble. The national debt is enormous and unsalvagable, it’s inevitable that eventually the country will not be able to pay the interest on its debts. The government will need to introduce savage cuts that decimate the populace.

    The only thing America has on its side is that it’s probably too big to be allowed to fail. The effect of a collapse on the worldwide economy would be immense, and therefore other countries (China/India) may have to prop up the currency if they want to avoid being dragged down with it. Negotiations could lead to confrontation.

  7. Josip

    Every great nation throughout history has fallen, and all of them think they are in some way, shape, or form, different then the last. The United States will, like every nation before, fall to something else, and as will that something else.

  8. Michael b

    God has zero to do with the stability of America so do t use god as an example of why our country will not collapse. Utter lunacy. Anyway, I am quite interested in the economy, politics, and history and I am 25 right now. Even I foresaw the fall of America in my lifetime as a 12 year old back in early 2001. Funny thing life wasn’t nearly as bad then as it is now. I predicted everything that is going on, but on a much slower time scale. I wasn’t expecting things to be anything like now for another 20 years or so. Our economy might have a little pep in its step compared to a couple years ago, but don’t be fooled. It’s just like the stock market. It will do that. The overall trend though is toward utter collapse. Combine the massive national debt which has skyrocketed in the past 12 years, the fact that china now holds most of what used to be our manufacturing jobs, and that china is the dominant trade partner of Africa and soon to be South America, and declining purchase power of the dollar, and you are a very clear trend of economic ruin of the country. It’s not a matter of will our country collapse. It’s when. I am fully “confident” that it will be prior to 2050 when we are the absolute economic ruin of the country. China will be the major economic power of the world and the US will be left grasping for its own survival. People who think it will all just blow over are missing the big picture.

  9. Marc Jordan

    Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the show?

  10. Danielle V

    To suggest America will never collapse is ridiculous. Large empires often collapse. Jesus may just come back first. We’re so far in debt, that the land will end up going to China or whoever lent money to us. US will very likely be taken over and being as big as it is, it could very well be split into smaller countries. Reality check. No matter how many resources we have, we have too many debts to hang onto them all.

  11. Also california has been getting robbed for a long time as well as the former confederate states be productive and stop supporting charities that help people over seas as well as bribes to foriegn countries through our tax dollars.

  12. Luke

    I believe in global warming and I want it to happen along with the collapse of the US as we know it. We have lost touch with what is essential and nature itself. All we need is love, shelter, and food; most of all love and everything should be based around that. We made life too complicated which directly results in unhappiness (We’re shown how to feel good and then taught to feel bad.) and the right to pursue nothing, there’s nothing to pursue when the deck is stacked against you. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It’s not how good you are at something or how hard you worked to be good at it and how that can benefit others happiness. It’s who you know and how the can exploit whatever talent you have so they can get ahead. All men are created equal is a bunch of nonsense when you live a society that is corrupted by the false conception that wealth is money which equals power. Wealth has nothing to do with money and absolute power is absolute corruption. Humans will never truly be free and freedom (emphasize on the “dumb” part)is a pipe dream. Everything is as nature intended a balance of compromise so the system works as a whole. We left England for financial, civil and religious oppression. I think mass migration from towns bordering the ocean is just what the universe ordered when sea levels rise and the best asset to own which can’t be owned because it requires you to share is knowledge, that’s next on my list after I by a cross bow.

    You know the price of hotels have almost doubled in the past decade and minimum wage has gone up, what all of 50 cents. The fact is there should be no minimum wage, companies should pay there employees what they think the work is worth and 50 years ago the average job in America was GM they thought it was worth about, in today’s economy, $50/hour. Now it’s $8/hour.

    FYI every economy not backed by some standard like gold has crashed. It will happen eventually.

  13. Diana

    I wonder why no one has mentioned the good old corruption on all levels?

    Let’s see, Banks, Oil companies, lobbyists, fake federal projects and giant hungry government, “Big Pharma” and criminal FDA, stifling of the green energy and “inconvenient” technology, bad schools, greedy colleges, ripped off unmotivated workers forced to spend more and more of their lives in cubicles.. Bred conservatism, selfishness and religious segregation. News propaganda, negative advertising. Racism and multiple enemies. Not having a plan how to fix the debt.
    Half the country ca not even read and/or understand the implications of all this.

    So yes, aside from economical issues, America has less than ideal mindset to keep the country united and rationally fix its problems. Theoretically it should be able to, just because of its resources and great minds, but those minds might give up arguing and move on to a new county of much more realistic opportunity.

    I hope I am wrong.

  14. Dodger

    *Looks at post-Soviet lifestyle*
    *Looks at Soviet lifestyle*
    *Looks at American ghettos*

    Yeah, you’re still wrong. Capitalism sucks for the poor, and you’re incorrect for saying it doesn’t.

    1. Mark Biernat

      The issue with America is it does not have capitalism.

      We abandon Capitalism in 1913 when we created the Federal Reserve which monopolizes money, the most important commodity. When they increase the money supply through the expansion of credit there is always a first receiver and the last receiver. This creates inequality. On a classic gold standard and true capitalism, equality would be greater. The poor would not be left out of the inner circles because the inner circle is the Federal reserve and their cronies.

  15. Michelle Hart

    Would you like to revisit this prediction?

    1. Mark Biernat

      This was written years ago. I should revise and improve. However, the USA will generally not collapse if markets are allowed to adjust. If markets adjust, that is the real price mechanism, in assets and goods, how can an economic collapse in the long term unless there is an external force such as government intervention to prevent this movement back to equilibrium?

      For example, a decline in the stock market is good for me since I am have been in cash. There are always winners and losers in an economy. This is not a collapse.

      Let’s say worst case people have no jobs, then people will learn to adapt, work from home, and the workplace will be for small groups. I personally do not see that as an undesirable course of events.

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