Will the EU survive – Europe II

Will the EU survive? People are asking the question because of the crisis and elections. The European Union has only seen good economics times, with the first sign of trouble Europe politicians are using the chaos to their advantage by playing on people’s emotions. I am an American living in the EU (I am a citizen of both). This political question really comes down to economics. The survival is based not on political ideal but one primitive human emotion. My question to you is do you want more? Read on to find out why this is relevant to the Union of Europe.

The economic idea behind the European Union

  • The economical basis of the EU is the free movement of labor and capital
  • The political process is a confederation with indirect taxation and financial control and not direct
  • Monetary policy is centrally coordinated within the Eurozone
  • With more economic freedom the unity will win over nationalism and protectionism

The European Union will survive because of one basic fact. When people start trading and working together differences are put aside. The greatest ways to promote world peace is free economics. When two neighbors start doing business, it will be very hard for them to turn resentful and selfish because the money and economic benefits they are getting from the win-win of free trade will override ego.

Examples of how economic cooperation connects people and Europe

When I go to the market and buy fruit, do I care who is selling it to me? Do I care what nationality they are? No, I just look at the best price and product. I live in Poland and if some Ukrainian guy is selling better produce than a Polish guy, the former will get the business.

England and Ireland were enemies for a thousand years. Now with free economics, my Irish and British acquaintances are friends and work together. I see many Germans and Poles cooperating in business. Former enemies in Europe are not partners.

Think about your own workplace. Do you care where the person in the cube next to you is from as long as you are on the same team? I do not.

Survival on the European Union is based on greed not ideals

Greed is stronger than anger. Anger is a protection emotion and therefore only temporarily, it is adrenaline. Greed is deeper. It is connected to survival in the wild. That is to accumulate wealth to provide for your family and yourself. It is closely connected urges for reproduction. These desires override abstract theoretical political ideas. Unity is greater than division.

Do not underestimate greed as a motivator. Even I, someone who does not work for corporate America and living an alternative life have some elements of greed in me. I want to improve my situation. I care more about helping my family than any abstract political ideology. I do not care if my passport has the EU logo on it or if my bank account has Euros, dollars Swiss francs or Polish zlotys. I do not care which party is in power politically ruling the parliament or who is the president (with the exception of some very strong moral issues I do not want to compromises on). I care about how my day to day life is run.  I write software and I want to know can I sell this in Europe or will some nationalist put some restriction on be based on some artificial border like a river that divides two countries.

I am no idealist when it comes to politics. Political issues are largely based on economics. economics comes down to the majority of people acting on their own enlightened self-interest.  This is why I think the EU will survive. Europe II will continue to develop even with some bumps in the road.

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