Business in China is a Scam

Doing business in China is less than optimal My main objections to doing business with Chinese is: Takes the from the US manufacturing base and jobs Poor environmental and human rights record Toxic materials in consumer goods Much of the products are low quality My experience with trust has not been positive when I order… Continue reading Business in China is a Scam

Reasons to Vote Libertarian

Reason to vote libertarian in the next election Who is this post for? This post is for those looking for a summary of the Libertarian views. How can you help? Please use the comment form to add ideas as a comment so I can revise this post on the reason to vote Libertarian and improve… Continue reading Reasons to Vote Libertarian

Economic Value Defined

What determines Economic value? The Definition of Economic value is the subjective utility one derives from a thing or idea. Many people think the amount of labor and hard work you put into something will determine value.  Because you put effort into something than you have created something of economic value.  Something that others will… Continue reading Economic Value Defined

Will there be Another Economic Crisis Like 1929 or 2008?

Yes and soon. Because the Federal Reserve inordinately expands credit and hence purchasing power, according to the Austrian business cycle theory, this distorts the capital structure by achieving growth unconnected to real savings. In 2020 the economy will start its descent down. This will specifically be triggered because the Federal Reserve Bank has kept the… Continue reading Will there be Another Economic Crisis Like 1929 or 2008?

Is Capitalism Over

Government, although not perfect, helps correct and protect us from the deficiencies of capitalism. Markets are prone to fail and unregulated markets lead to speculative bubbles. The thought is thought an economic evolution, the paradigm of free-market capitalism will yield to the managed economy. For example, the government saved us during the Great Depression and… Continue reading Is Capitalism Over