Government shutdown is good

Why the Federal Government shutdown is good for the US

A federal government shut down is good. It is a wake up call that the budget crisis is destroying the future of our children at the expense of government fat today.

  • Did you know that Belgium’s government has been shutdown since last year and nothing happened? In fact, people say the country is doing better. I live in Europe and people are pretty happy about the government shutdown.

Symbolic cuts in the US federal budget is not going to solve the crisis. Business as usual will lull people into competency and destroy your children’s future. Do you not care about our youth?

The current battle on capital hill is about which way America is going, will it be a social bureaucracy that will eventually collapse and be devalued or a free nation strong again.

Federal government workers are not competitive – Every government worker I know personally has a cushy life and they would not have this in the private sector. I am not just talking about their Blackberry and vacation time, but the pay scale and benefits are totally out of line with their skills set. I would not hire them personally would you?

Is some start-up job creating business looking for the next pool of talented workers from government offices?

I do not mean to insult them, I personally would not hire them nor do I think they could have that lifestyle if they had to go out with their own initiative and creativity and start a business or fend for themselves in the real world.

Where do I get off criticizing others? I moved to cold dark Eastern Europe, have physical problems, had to learn a languages and survive with my own wits and make business. I am no one special.

I just do not believe that the role of government is to be a big baby bottle for others to feed off, while the rest of us have to work to support them.

I do not believe government owes me anything, do you?

For ever Federal worker it takes about seven hard-working families to support them with tax revenue, or it goes to the national debt (your children’s problem).

If I am late on the rent who will help me? So why do I care about a government shutdown?

The state and local governments run  most American functions:

I was watching CNN the other day and they were interviewing people on the street about the government shut down. They people were saying things like the police and firemen and schools would be closed. Where do this people live? Are they that clueless that these are not Federal government functions?

Another man, said he  wants to make sure no one touches his government benefits.

How do you feel about that?

News Flash about the USA – day-to-day things are done at the state and local level:

The police , firemen, schools, hospitals, roads, state national guard for real home defense and emergency (not undeclared, unconstitutional imperial foreign wars), state Parks, state housing, state welfare, motor  vehicles etc are state-run.

What is essence is the Federal government?

  • A massive transfer of income from the productive to the unproductive. Because of the federal government you are working for another man’s wife.
  • People need to read things like Thomas Jefferson on taxes or at least Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. Citizens that understand why we had an American revolution and what the vision of is of this great country, will understand that politics and spending as usual in Washington can no longer be accepted.
  • “Non essential government employees”, is this a play on words like ‘military intelligence’?

Most of the day-to-day important functions are done by local and state municipalities. The Federal government which take most of the economic resources in terms of taxes is more of a black hole for politicians and special interests like military and big oil or the retirement plan for those who live for today and do not invest and save their money.

  • Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians or Tea Party need to be united to preserve your personal liberties, specifically economic freedom by balancing the budget with a balanced budget amendment.
  • Leaders like Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul are against temporary funding, bill and funding when the vote comes up. They have my respect. Obama will veto it anyway so the 2011 government shutdown is real.
  • The government will really shut down when we keep printing money and run out of money. Today’s crisis is just medicine for a long-term health of the United States. We have to see it and take it, not run and be afraid. The politicians can not be cowards.  Because around the corner is a greater crisis and wave of financial ruin if we do not get the budget and currency under control.  You will see,everyone will be sorry when inflation and a second deep double dip occurs.
  • Political cowards that will sell us out with compromise need to be voted out ad exposed.
government shutdown
The next big wave of the financial crisis will come eventually unless government spending is under control. Why? We have not solved anything.

What about a decrease in GDP?

Ridiculous economic numbers. Nothing will happen. Eventually frustrated government workers will find jobs in the private sector if they have to. By my estimates GDP will increase if the government closes the doors. Do not listen to scare tactics.

What about military pay and the government shut down?

I support the troops because I want to bring them home from unconstitutional undeclared wars where they risk their lives in foreign lands. If you really support these youths, and that what most of them are is youths rob of their innocent years, who want to live, bring them home, not worry about a delayed paycheck.

People make the argument that workers will get back pay for sitting on the  beach, I do not think they should.

Do you think a government shutdown is good or bad if you look at as a wake up call to address the real problem of this country, encroaching government and putting your children on a road to serfdom. If anyone thinks it is bad, I invite you to comment and give it your best shot.

US government budget – Here is a offical site to explore what is going on with spending. If they cut greater than 50% this would start getting me interested.


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  1. Mark Biernat

    Ok, so the US government did not close. It is not a bad thing entirely as I have been applying for a visa for my wife to move to the USA and we did not want to wait any longer than we have.

    My general feeling is governments should be respobsible like individuals have to be in keeping a balanced budget and paying the bills.

    I think pushing it off to debt is not taking responsibility, I almost would rather have to pay taxes now as at least it would make people wake up.

    Oh the other hand, I think over 40% (I heard, I do not know if it is true) of Americans get money from the government in some way or another. I do not. I just work and pay.

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