I dont care about politics

When I hear people say ‘I am tired of politics or I do not like politicians or they are all bums and crooks in Washington, I raise an eye brow, you know like Mr. Spock used to do, and say ‘fascinating’.

This is the way I feel:

Washington is ruled by a small elite who has kept our nation in perpetual war and unsustainable debt. These politicians have eroded our freedoms and the dismantling of our constitution. Although,  we as a people of the United States of America may never agree on the small issues, let’s be honest on one big thing, the leaders in Washington have blown it.

  • If you really do not like peace, prosperity and freedom you can always go back to voting the same old Democrats and Republicans back into office, but this time consider something else.
I don't care about politics
If you stopped giving a hoot about politics maybe you are in the wrong political party? Stop and consider the price people paid to free you from tyranny. Do you want to passively return to those shackles?

 Why people say “I do not like Politics”

Votes do not matter. – They are really saying they feel their vote will not count. My rebuttal is major elections have been determined by a few votes. How can you argue with that? It is kind of like saying, free will does not exist so why do anything. Yes, your vote does matter and there is free will. The 2012 Presidential election will be determined by a close margin.

The next elected official will be no good too – Not true, and evidence of this is a radical difference in prosperity and lifestyle on a state level as determined by the national and local elections.

For example, Massachusetts has social medical care and a high-tech economy based on Boston’s research mecca. California is in a black hole of debt yet everything is expensive. North Dakota is a haven of hard-working people with good government. New Hampshire has no income tax and is prosperous, New Jersey is a high tax disaster and I would not want to live there, it conjures up images of waste and corruption. I have traveled all over the United States and there are huge difference even between counties based on local government. For example, St. Johns where I live has the best schools in the state, low crime and one hundred parks; and on top of that Florida has no income tax, one of the reasons I live here. So elections do matter for your day-to-day life.

Political news bores me – Even me, if I listen to Political news 24/7 it becomes droll. Yet there are so many levels you can look at politics from reading Plato’s views on justice to Adam Smith’s political economy of enlighten self-interest,or why Marx was wrong based on his understanding of value. Do you know what Jefferson said about taxes or Washington’s real view on religion in government? Do not stop at the superficial treatment on the news.

Better is to study original sources, and develop a personal ideological compass. Hence when you hear news and debate your lens of interpretation will be richer. You will become in short time an expert that will surpass people around you in awareness of the issues.

Consider how the ancient city states of Greece governed or the what the Democratic republic of German was about. If you think politics is boring, it is because you have fed yourself a steady diet of political junk food and your sense have become saturated. Consider reading websites and commenting on which have diametrically opposite views of you.

Everyone is an expert out there and pointless to discuss anything – I do not claim to be a genius or an expert on many subjects, these terms are devalued today. But if you do a little reading you can surpass Obama in understanding of political economy, because most people have a superficial understanding of things like money and markets, armed with a little bit of original source knowledge and creative thinking, you can run circles around them. Political economy is a very interesting subject, and you do not need to be an expert, just a normal person who studies the issues.

God loves common people, that is why he made so many of them.  –  Abe Lincoln

Others say, people hold such strong emotional views and can not be swayed. Untrue, I have changed my views and others. It is like we are one cell in a whole collective unconsciousness. When you debate with your neighbor it makes a difference. Think how the pendulum has swung back and forth and the general course has changed history. Dare to take a stand.

It is fun, for example, I believe in such radical things as the elimination of the Federal reserve (primary cause of economic cycles), the Federal income tax (drain on the economy) and transforming the US military from the largest employer, with millions collecting paychecks and benefits and WWII type mentality of tanks and battleships and overseas wars to a small high-tech force that focuses on defending US citizens. It is fun to be in the conversation.

  • I like to read articles from opposing parties for example, it is refreshing for my brain circuits.

If you still say I do not care about politics why not be libertarian?

Perhaps this is the real point of the article, if you do not care about politics consider the Libertarian party, because in the words of Ronald Reagan, Government is the problem.

If you really in your heart do not care, I reply, ‘then you are a libertarian’. If someone is tired of the nonsense of Washington politics and believe that it is a waste of time, or politicians are fake and self-serving, than maybe you are not too far from being a libertarian. If you feel voting is a waste of time, with a bit of apathy, why not just vote libertarian.

In one sense, the libertarian party is for people who do not care about politics. Also read  What political party am I? and Why I am a libertarian.

Granted lp.org will not win a major election anytime soon; but it takes one person to start a revolution. Every vote is counted and the more voices, history records this and people take note.

Votes, even losing votes, are important and it influences the whole.

If you are not much into politics, in the 2012 Presidential election if you do not like politics consider a party other than the Republicans or Democrats, even if it is a protest vote.


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