Why should I Vote

Why should I vote? Is it important to vote?  My view on this is simple if you don’t vote my vote counts more. So really the purpose of this post is not to encourage you to vote, in fact, ironically I prefer you don’t vote. My view on voting and politics Therefore, my world view… Continue reading Why should I Vote

Reasons to Vote Republican

The purpose of this post is to give you the reasons why to vote Republican.  However, it will also explain why not to vote Republican.  Let me say at the beginning that I am a Republican party member, however, I have voted both Democrat and Libertarian. I am sometimes tempted to be a non-affiliated voter. … Continue reading Reasons to Vote Republican

Who Should I Vote for

The purpose of this post is to help you answer the question “who should I vote for”.  There is always an election coming up.  My thesis is to vote according to your ideals, rather than how a  political candidate can help you personally. Ideals connected to what creates a freer more peaceful and prosperous society… Continue reading Who Should I Vote for

Reasons to Vote Libertarian

Reason to vote libertarian in the next election Who is this post for? This post is for those looking for a summary of the Libertarian views. How can you help? Please use the comment form to add ideas as a comment so I can revise this post on the reason to vote Libertarian and improve… Continue reading Reasons to Vote Libertarian