How to fix America

Do you want to fix the United States, then first understand the real issue? That is government is so large it has become like trying to steer an ocean liner in a lake. The counties around Washington D.C are the richest in the US and yet they do not produce anything except legions of government… Continue reading How to fix America

Is Wikileaks legal

Wikileaks is not legal according to US law. But this is true, if and only if Wikileaks is a US citizen or US organization. Truth is treason if you have an empire – Dr. Ron Paul For example, if a foreign journalist reports a war crime committed by a nation, and brings this to the… Continue reading Is Wikileaks legal

Where is Osama Bin Laden

Where is Osama Bin Laden hiding? Why has the USA not captured Osama? What is Al Qaeda’s plan?  There is a lot of confusion about this and the purpose of this post is to clear it up. Update: They found him living in Pakistan and in a city. I guess this shows you it is… Continue reading Where is Osama Bin Laden

What political party am I?

Which political party am I voting for? Are you confused about which political party to belong to?  Me too.  I have a political economy blog, and I live and breathe this stuff and yet, I do not feel strongly towards one party and for good reason.  The reason is we are all different and one… Continue reading What political party am I?

Is Wikileaks reliable?

Wikileaks is reliable In my opinion, I think Wikileaks is reliable.  They put information on the Internet that is pretty powerful. Read on as to why people might think they are more trustworthy than many governments.  I think people who take risks to expose the truth can be trusted more than those who try to… Continue reading Is Wikileaks reliable?

US presidential election 2012

Your ultimate guide to the United States presidential election of 2012. It covers the candidates and the probabilities of each being elected to office. I also layout the issues in a clear non-partisan way. This is an objective non-partial guide to the US presidential elections. The most important thing is this guide is simple and… Continue reading US presidential election 2012

5 signs of a bad President

This post is not about our current President and leader but any President Republican or Democrat that is a bad leader.  It is a post in general about what makes a bad President? What are the five guaranteed warning signs you have a bad president and leader? Increase taxes – “No nation was every taxed… Continue reading 5 signs of a bad President

Libertarians and the poor

One of the basic criticisms of libertarianism is it does nothing for the poor. The rich will get richer and their children will also have better opportunities and it will create a more stratified society. Democrats believe that Libertarians are selfish. is this true? The reality is I think most libertarians, including Milton Friedman, had… Continue reading Libertarians and the poor